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About CaRo :

I am an islander. Deeply and passionately islander. Everything ties me and links me to the island: its colours, its heat, its cadence, its rhythms, its tones and its sounds too.

This overall beauty is everywhere around us: in nature, in the sky, in water ... it is offered to us, and engrossed in our daily life,  too often , we do not see it any more.

So today, I stopped. I captured the time being, a shadow, a colour, a frailty ...

 This is what I want to showcase, a raw material that morphs and becomes other ...

"There are voices speaking in the trees, Books to read in the streams that flow, Lessons to learn from stones."        

William Shakespeare  

About the photographs :

My approach is this one: to stand still, to look, to feel, and to capture the beautiful when it offers itself.

No photo editing. No particular technique. No artifice.

Nature in its raw state is enough to create surprise, to bring emotion, to feed the imagination. That's all that matters to me.

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